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News and Announcements


We have been informed by NOLA Public Schools (formerly OPSB) that our Jefferson Campus will not be ready for occupancy at the opening of our school year. Given all of the circumstances and choices available, opening at Banneker Elementary, located at 421 Burdette Street, 70118, is the best alternative. We will be moving all of our boxes and furniture to that campus. Hopefully, you followed our plan of packing boxes you will need at the start of school and you will be able to start the school year without too much unpacking.

Banneker is a good transition school for us as it is close to the Nashville Campus and is fully equipped for students to report as scheduled Monday, August 19th. Our school calendar will remain the same. All parent orientations will be held at the Benjamin Franklin Elementary Middle School Campus, 401 Nashville Avenue on August 8th and 9th. All staff will report to the Nashville campus Monday, August 12th where we will give everyone the schedule for the week. Prior to that, the week of the 5th, we will have a day where Jefferson staff can come in if they have any questions for us. We will notify you ASAP as to that date.