Important Notices

Exceptional Children Services Notices and Forms

Special Education Program Descriptions

Per the SPLC Agreement, LEAs are required to provide information about their special education programming that is publicly available and accessible online.  The Benjamin Franklin Elementary NOLAPS ECS LEA Program Description ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​is included in the Orleans Parish School Board’s ECS program.

Section 504 Grievance Protocol

These procedures were designed to provide an orderly process for the resolution of student and parent/guardian complaints related to the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, which prohibits discrimination against a person with a disability solely on the basis of that disability in programs, activities or employment practices. An equitable resolution of such complaints should be secured at the most immediate administrative level as fairly and expeditiously as possible. For more information, see the Section 504 Grievance Protocol.

Special Education Complaint Protocol

§  If your child has an IEP and you would like to discuss his/her services, please contact Tradonya Domingue at TDomingue@loenola.us or Nicolette London at NLondon@loenola.us.

§  Ben Franklin is under the jurisdiction of the Orleans Parish School Board, if your child has an IEP and you would like to submit a complaint to OPSB, please use the Online Complaint Submission Form.   

 Disability Discrimination Complaint Procedures   

ECS Disability Discrimination Complaint Form  

Restraint and Seclusion Procedures  

Discipline Policy and Procedures for Students with Disabilities   

Parent FAQs: Special Education in Charter Schools