2019-2020 School Fees​​​​​​​

A school fee of $35.00 is assessed for the following:

·             Field Trip Tee Shirt - $10.00

·             Field Trip Bag - $5.00

·              ID and Lanyard - $10.00

·              Student Planner - $10.00 (3rd-8th grades only)

All students who attend ANY Benjamin Franklin Field Trip must wear a Field Trip Tee Shirt, School ID, and a carry on field trip bag.  This is a safety concern and will be fully enforced.  

Student Planners will be utilized in testing grades (3rd-8th) to help students with their organizational skills.  

The school fee must be paid by cash or money order on or before Oct 15th.

In situations where a parent or guardian is experiencing an economic hardship, the school fee requirement will be addressed by the school social worker.